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Romania to receive over 3.3 ml doses of COVID vaccine in April, 5 ml-plus to follow in May and June


Andrei Baciu, deputy chairman of the National COVID Vaccination Coordination Committee, announced today that Romania will receive in April over 3.3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine and shipments amounting to 5 million-plus doses will follow in May and June.

"Nothing has changed regarding the BioNTech/Pfizer delivery schedule for April compared to last time, so there will be 511,290 doses every week in April, a little more in the last week, up to a total of 2,046,330 doses for the entire month; there will be 249,600 doses of Moderna vaccine delivered in two installments, in the second and the fourth week of April; as for Astra Zeneca, we are talking about 879,990 doses in total; in addition, we have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, with approximately 60,000 doses due for delivery in the third week of April and 103,200 doses due in the last week of April. Thus, total vaccine shipments in April amount to 3,339,120 doses, if we add the 160,000 Johnson & Johnson doses from the data available last week. The current estimate for May and June deliveries is of over 5 million doses," Baciu told a news conference.