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Romanian employees waste up to 2 hours of worktime because of colleagues, phone calls or meetings


Three out of four employees say they waste up to two hours daily of worktime because pf noisy phone talks made by office colleagues, of chatty colleagues or long meetings, to which are added time spent on social media or coffee and smoking brakes, according to an opinion poll made by Best Jobs online recruiting platform.

8% of employees waste up to half of their workday in this way, and that significantly affects the productivity and quality of work. 

“About six out of ten respondents are interrupted every day by chatty colleagues, while 36% say they are disturbed by background office noise and by phones ringing continuously. Other three out of ten respondents waste time because  of lengthy meetings, while 17% say social network waste their daily program the most,” the press release shows. 

At the same time, 11% complain they are distracted by the high number of emails they receive and which need immediate response, while 10% admit they spend too much time on messenger applications. Last but not least, one out of ten employees acknowledge that productivity drops because of the many coffee and smoking brakes, according to BestJobs.

Besides the time wasted, a quarter of respondents say that all these things which distract them daily influence the quality of their work, while two out of ten say their stress level grows as a result of pressure  to solve job tasks in a shorter time than work program.

“8.5% feel they are not motivated, while 3.4% are late or even miss deadlines. At the opposite pole, 29% of respondents say time wasted does not influence their activity, 7% consider it boosts their activity  because it relaxes them and they can better concentrate in the wasted time, while 5% of employees are glad they can better relate with other colleagues”. 

In order to better concentrate on the job, half of respondents say they avoid gossipy colleagues or do not access social networks during worktime. At the same time, 46% say they answer only important or urgent phone calls and messages, while 13% decide to turn off their personal phones during worktime. 

23% would like their employer to offer time management courses or set up internal policies like days without meetings. At the same time, about 13% consider employers should limit time for coffee breaks. 

The survey was made over August 2-16, 2019, on a sample of 926 Internet users.