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Study: At national level, 6 out of 10 Romanians do not intend to get vaccinated


A new study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research in early October 2021 (October-6-10) indicates that the intention to vaccinate against COVID-19 has increased, so that: 40% of Romanians say they intend to get vaccinated. The intention to vaccinate is higher than in January 2021, when Reveal Marketing Research conducted a study that only 36% of Romanians were firmly determined to get vaccinated.


At national level, 6 out of 10 Romanians do not intend to get vaccinated, most of these being young people aged 16-24 (68%). Similar to the data collected in January 2021, women say they will not be vaccinated, a higher percentage of them refusing the vaccine rather because of its side effects (57% compared to 47% for men), while among men the intention to vaccinate being much higher (43% for men compared to 40% for women).


Anti-vaccination beliefs 

Romanians believe that: “It is better to immunize yourself” (15%). In fact, national uncertainty hovers over the efficacy (46%), safety (58%) and side effects (53%) associated with the vaccine: “I’m afraid of the side effects”/”I don’t believe in its effectiveness”/”I don’t think it has been tested long enough. ”


Also, statements such as “I prefer methods of protection such as masks, avoidance of crowded spaces” and “I already had coronavirus” were approved by over 10% of the population (especially by people aged 24 to 34 years , as well as by those with high income – 40%). On the other hand, 2 out of 10 Romanians resonate with these statements – especially those from rural areas.

Pro-vaccination beliefs

Romanians who chose to get vaccinated say they did so because they do not want to get sick (64%).


We notice that of all segments, respondents over the age of 55 were vaccinated (70%), the reason given for this being age. In terms of education, 66% of those who have been vaccinated to avoid the disease are from rural areas.


The second reason why Romanians chose to get vaccinated is the desire to protect others – 60% of respondents mentioned this option. Of these, respondents aged 35-44 are the most attentive to those around them – 70%.


The desire to resume their normal activities – socializing in normal conditions, traveling and going on vacation – is another important reason that determined Romanians to get vaccinated. 53% of Romanians mentioned this reason.

Other reasons selected by respondents regarding the motivation to get vaccinated are: the desire to feel relaxed and calm – mentioned by 5 out of 10 Romanians (50%); the opportunity to visit their parents without fear – a third of Romanians (32%) and travel abroad – 28%.