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Telecom.IT: Study: 47% of Romanians from rural areas use Internet and 80% of them have Facebook accounts


Almost half of the rural population in Romania (47%) surfs the Internet and 80% of them have Facebook accounts, according to a study made by Starcom Media Vest Romania.According to the study, Facebook is the main channel used by rural Romanians after Google Search.


“General personal and cultural development are the main areas of interest next to family, health and household. They are not interested in entertainment but in development. Most of them have low and average incomes from salaries and allocations and they want to improve their personal status through development,” the study shows.


According to the same source, rural Romanians are also connected to technology - computer games are in the top before classic activities like talking to neighbours, handicraft or going to church.

“For them online is a connection, not an assertion means. When they look for information or connection, 26% of them learn about rural events online,” the study also shows.