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APPA: Romania ranks first in Europe for number of deaths caused by road accidents


Romania ranks first in Europe for the number of deaths from road accidents, with an average of 98 deaths per one million people, the European average being 49 deaths per one million inhabitants, the Association for Insurance Promotion (APPA) informs.

The European target is to reduce by half the number of road deaths between 2011-2020. The last four years were hard. There was a stagnation, small drops, even growths in Europe. We are far from reaching the target, which might be reached by 2020, said Antonion Avenoso, the European Council representative for transporter safety.

In 2017, 25,250 people  died in Europe following traffic accidents and 135,000 people were badly hurt.

As for the number of road accidents, Romania is within the European average, according to Florentin Bracea, the head of the Road Department of the Romanian Police.

He explained that efforts are being made to equip police agents with performing  devices allowing a shorter time in establishing alcohol levels in traffic controls.

“We bought several tests to obtain interesting results and we will organize something for drugs too. We have a guilt repartition on age categories. The most interesting average is between the ages of 18 and 30. Under 17 there are moped drivers. In Romania it is forbidden by law to drive under alcohol influence,” said Florentin Bracea.

Behaviour problems leading to road accidents include traffic aggressiveness, exhaustion, and multi-tasking.

Miheale Circu, a representative of APPA said that Romania is first in Europe for the number of deaths from road accidents. “98 deaths per one million inhabitants, while the European average is 49 deaths per one million inhabitants, In 2017 there were 31,104 road accidents in Romania, with 1,951 deaths and 8,172 people seriously wounded. Between 2016 and 2017 over 1,300 accidents were caused by alcohol consumption; of them 364 accidents ended with 89 dead and 570 wounded. 5.1% of deadly road accidents were caused by drunk driving in Romania.”

EC headquarters in Romania hosted a conference on Wednesday, organized by the Road Department of the Romanian Police and ETSC representatives, on the prevention of drunk driving.