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Thomas B. Modly: Aegis anti-aircraft defence system meant to defend Romania and Europe against threats

The Aegis system is meant to defend Romania and Europe against threats and any US measures to increase and improve the capacity of the system will be analysed together with our partners, due to specific regional needs, the deputy secretary of US Naval Forces, Thomas B Modly, at a meeting with Romanian journalists.

The US official, who is on a visit to Romania, answered a question referring to the recent successful testing of the new Standard Missile 3 Block IIA, as part of the Aegis System in Hawaii.  The test is considered significant for the future of anti-aircraft missile defence operations.

On the other hand, Thomas B. Modly  referred to recent events in the Black Sea area, where three Ukrainian ships with 24 sailors aboard were captured by Russian coast guards when they were preparing to enter the Azov Sea on November 25.

That action is dangerous not only for the region and for Romania, but also for countries in the whole world where there are such states which act in an aggressive way, infringing norms and standards of sea operations. There are rules, accords which countries should follow and observe, Modly said.

He explained that American Forces operations in the area are carried out under 6th Fleet command.

Another topic approached was Washington’s intention to withdraw from the Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty. The American official mentioned that the reason for which President Trump made the decision to inform the Russian government of the intention to withdraw  from INF because the treaty has been infringed for years by Russia.

The purpose is to make the Russians observe the new treaty. The Americans want to show the Russians that they are serious, that the treaty is a stabilising element  and they should preserve that stability.