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Isarescu at the launching of the financial education platform TAXEDU


The population has to understand the fact that they can require the state for schools, civilized hospitals and highways only if they pay their taxes and the authorities have to collaborate for the education of the citizens, said on Wednesday the governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu.

He was present at the event of the launching of the platform for financial education TAXEDU which means to inform the young people and to communicate in an accessible manner with regards to the role of taxes in our daily life.

‘In many domains, the mentalities do not keep up with the times. We notice, that for many the payment of taxes is a burden, maybe as a result of some experiences of the past. The systems are modernizing all the time, we pay our taxes online, the things get easier. There is also something to do at the level of the authorities, namely the awareness that the payment of taxes is one of the citizen’s acts which gives us the right to require the Romanian state, European and modern to do its duty’ the governor said.

He said that it is important to know what happens to the taxes they pay.

According to him, the monetary policy depends on the other policies of the state, especially the fiscal-budgetary one, the way in which these policies are conceived, put into practice and as they are understood by the public.

He also reminded the support of the European Commission, the World Bank and the OCDE for this project.

‘A major role has technology. You have noticed the screens at the entrance in the room, I am aware that they caught your attention.In the world of today we can make education, financial education with the help of technology. Children and young people are so much connected to the IT, to internet, that paper starts to become  old-dated and boring which is not the case with my generation. But even we have no choice, we have to adapt to the IT phenomenon, we have to keep updated with the reality’ the governor said.

He also said that BNR will have a soft through which they will explain to the young people how the interest is formed, the exchange rate, how the central bank acts in the domain of monetary policy and the circulation of the money.

Isarescu took part on Wednesday at the launching of the platform TAXEDU, a pilot project of the European Union with the purpose to educate the young people with regards to taxes and the way in which they influence their lives.