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Cristian Pirvulescu: The tensions have been overcome, the coalition agreement  was drawn a week ago

The results of the negotiations between PNL, USR PLUS and UDMR show that the tensions between the parties have been overcome and at present there is agreement for the coalition which had been drawn a week before, stated the political analyst Cristian Pirvulescu.

He appreciated that during the last round of negotiations’  nervousness had been consumed, the positions had already been settled’ and ‘ each of the parties reached their objectives’.

Pirvulescu says that one of the key issues in the negotiations was the structure of the new government.

‘Time was not on the participants’ side, they had to find a solution for the parliament, and the solution for the parliament was essential for the formation of the government. Practically the tensions were overcome, there is coalition agreement which was drawn one week ago and in some days the government will be able to receive the inauguration vote, before or after Christmas – now everything depends on the capacity of those who are part of the majority to  organise things in the parliament’ he added.

The political analyst  states that the majority formed following these negotiations ‘is a majority for four years, as there is no alternative’.

‘I am not sure this government lasts for four years, everything depends on several variables, mainly the internal situation in each party, then the domestic and international situation of Romania – recovery from the crisis, success or insuccess of the vaccination, everything will have influence on governing. The governing formula might change, the majority should stay the same’, he says.

As regards the division of ministries among the three parties, Pirvulescu appreciates that ‘ PNL kept the royal ministries’. ‘It is true that some of them will be led by ministers who work well with president Iohannis, those who were already there, I mean Defence and Foreign Affairs. The important ministries are still with PNL’, he showed.

At the same time, the political analyst appreciates that USR PLUS ‘ risks some key ministries and have an essential ministry as regards economic relaunching, which the ministry of European Funds’. Among the domains to be led by USR PLUS members are Justice and Health.