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PNL-USR PLUS –UDMR negotiations to end on Sunday or Monday

PNL,USR PLUS and UDMR, during the negotiations taking place on Saturday, agreed  on the principles for the sharing of the positions of prefect and those of state secretaries, principle according to which the sharing will be made proportionally with the percentage obtained during the parliamentary elections and in the case of state secretaries depending on the ministry where they are positioned. As regards the prefects, no sharing on counties was established.


Political sources stated for News.ro that PNL will have 20-22 prefects, USR PLUS – 15-17 and UDMR -4. According to the quoted sources, the counties as such have not been divided yet.


As regards the positions of state secretaries, PNLwould have 42 state secretaries, USR PLUS will have 26 positions and UDMR 12.


The positions of state secretaries will be attributed depending on the minister and the number of positions. For each ministry, two positions of state secretaries will be for the parties with no holder. For example, if the minister is from PNL, automatically two state secretaries will be for USR PLUS and UDMR.


The premier supported by PNL- USR PLUS –UDMR Florin Citu announced on Saturday night, at the end of the negotiations between the three parties, that Sunday or Monday at the latest the governing programmed is finalised.