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EurActiv: Russian team inspects Romanian military base


Russian inspectors are visiting a military facility in Romania today (28 March) to assess if there is any activity in the area. The country’s defence minister insists that everything is “normal”, EURACTIV Romania reports.

Russia has dispatched a team of experts to Romania today under the provisions of the Vienna Document on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures.

The head of Russia’s Nuclear Risk Reduction Centre Sergei Ryzhkov confirmed that “the inspection will be carried out on 28 March and last one day”.

The Russian official declined to reveal where the inspection is to be carried out but added that it is intended to verify information that has been provided on Romania’s defensive forces and to check what kind of weaponry is being developed.

Adopted in 2011, the Vienna Document aims to increase confidence and security in the OSCE through the exchange of military information between its member states, which includes inspections and sending military observers.

Romanian Minister of Defence Gabriel Les told national media that the inspection of one of its military facilities is a “normal action” and claimed that it is not a “problem” from Bucharest’s point of view. He added that “we will see what conclusions will be drawn”.

British Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon today also announced that RAF jet fighters will be deployed in Romania to increase defence around the Black Sea.

Four Typhoon aircraft will spend up to four months stationed in an airbase to the south-east of the country, working in tandem with local forces.