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Grindeanu: We need not worry about exceeding deficit


Premier Sorin Grindeanu said in an interview to Europa FM, on Tuesday, that there are no reasons of concern for exceeding budget deficit, as there have been warnings from the European Commission. Data supplied by the National Prognosis Commission show that industrial output grew by 5.8% in the first two months, new orders in industry went up by 7.8% and exports by 13.6%.

He pointed out there are no reasons of concern about exceeding budget deficit because measures from the government program, some of them already applied and others to be implemented were thoroughly analysed.

“We have this accord of 3% which we will observe, but in periods of strong economic growth of important EU countries there are no accords. Deficit targets have been often exceeded. This is not the case. All measures we have adopted were well analysed. We take into account that deficit but also measures included in the government program are very well analysed. We have no reasons to worry now,” the premier said.

In this respect, the premier also presented data from the National Prognosis Commission to strengthen the idea there are no reasons for concern that the budget deficit may be exceeded.

“I can say, in order to strengthen what I was saying about signals coming from economy, that industrial output grew by 5.8% in the first two months, new orders in industry by 7.8%, exports by 13.6%, labour contracts since the beginning of the year by 44,000. All these data do not come from the government, but from the National Prognosis Commission. They are public and convince us that what we wish- that a part of the economic growth in Romania should be found in the Romanian people’s pockets- is the meaning of well being, of a better life for everybody. On the other hand, with the economic measures adopted we will start certain engines which were stopped in economy - investments, European funds,” Grindeanu explained.