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Fifteen more COVID-19 vaccination sites to open on April 5


vaccination sites will open in Romania.

"On April 5, 15 new vaccination sites will open, inside which one office will be devoted to the military and three to civilians," Ciuca told TVR 1 national broadcaster.

Asked if he felt a conflict between the Health Ministry and the Defence Ministry, namely between Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu and top COVID-19 vaccination official Valeriu Gheorghita, amidst a public campaign against the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, Ciuca answered: "No, not by far."

"In all this set of activities we did not follow the part of personal conflict. Nor do I think there has been some personal conflict. I think they are both young enough and intelligent enough to be able to have a professional dialogue," added Ciuca.

He said that "probably in the beginning the world saw the involvement of the Army as a matter that would require a certain conduct, which is not true at all."

"The conduct we have taken in this whole set of measures has been this part of rigor and seriousness, and what's more the Ministry of National Defence has the necessary tools for medical logistics so that we can act wherever necessary," said Ciuca.