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PSD challenges in court Gov't decision to close stores after 6 p.m.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has challenged on Friday in court the government decision to close stores after 6 p.m., on reason that this measure was not thoroughly motivated with scientific proof.

"The Social Democratic Party filed an application for annulment in the Bucharest Court of Appeal against the Government's decision to close the stores after 6 p.m. The main objection against this measure is that 'in the development of HG 348 there was no consideration in any way of a preliminary scientific documentation and analysis/impact study, from which to give relevant information on the impact of the measures envisaged on fundamental human rights and freedoms," the PSD notes in a press release.

The Social Democrats also said that, given that this decision affected the interests of both economic agents and citizens, the Government had an obligation to motivate "fundamentally, with scientific evidence", that the measure does indeed have a positive impact in the fight against the pandemic, justifying the restriction of fundamental rights.

"The Government also did not comply with the obligations on decision-making transparency," it said.