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HM Margareta, the Custodian of the Crown, received the Medal of Honour of the French Academy


The Romanian Royal House is among the most trusted institutions in the country, right now, which shows people's need of "this complementary institution, which is based on the force of personal example, historic legitimacy, continuity and loyalty," the Crown Custodian, Her Majesty Margareta, stated at the French Institute.

The Custodian of the Crown on Thursday visited the French Institute, where she received the Medal of Honour of the French Academy.

"Speaking of my country and of the Romanian Crown at the French Institute is an honour and also a source of hope and pride," said the Crown Custodian.

Her Majesty Margareta also said "the modern history of Romania shows to what extent the Romanian Crown contributed to the consolidation of this country, in the past, present and, I believe, in the future."

She also highlighted that her visit to France takes place after 100 year since Queen Maria's visit to this country.

"Queen Maria's visit to Paris remains in the memory of my people as one of the most admired pages of royal diplomacy, in which the Crown gave an example of how it means to serve the nation. In France, my great grandmother presented Romania's modern and European aspirations with charm and courage, for a free and democratic future," the Crown Custodian pointed out.

Her Majesty Margareta said that the meetings between Queen Mary, the French President Raymond Poincare and PM Georges Clemenceau were "legendary."

"Definitely, among the most important and symbolic moments was her participation in the solemn session at the Academy of Fine Arts, at the French Institute, organised in her honour, on March 8, 1919," pointed out the Crown Custodian.

Her Majesty also spoke about the manner in which the Romanian Royal Family is perceived in the country.

"The Royal House is on top of the polls regarding national trust, admiration and affection. It seems like the people need this complementary institution, founded on the force of personal example, historic legitimacy, continuity and loyalty," said Her Majesty Margareta.

Moreover, Her Majesty highlighted that her visit, at the invitation of the French authorities, "is supported by the Romanian Government and is held during the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union."

"Now in its 5th generation, the Royal Family occupies a remarkable and somewhat contradictory position in a country that, constitutionally speaking, remains a republic," said the Custodian of the Crown.

Her Majesty Margareta also spoke about the relation with the Romanian authorities.

"Each new government wants to keep and sometimes strengthen institutional cooperation with the Royal Family. For every time when the Royal Family holds a royal event to support economy, education, bilateral diplomacy, sports, arts or sciences, the Royal Family is welcomed with respect and pride, with dignity and affection and with the deep belief that it serves the national interest," pointed out the Custodian of the Crown.

The distinction was granted to the Romanian Royal at the French Institute, by Helene Carrere d'Encausse, a permanent secretary of the French Academy.

When bestowing the medal upon the Custodian of the Crown, Helene Carrere d'Encausse spoke abut the personality of King Mihai I and his impact, after the fall of communism. "He, who knew how to resist Stalin, he truly dominated the post-communist world," she pointed out.

Helene Carrere d'Encausses is also the one who offered the Custodian of the Crown and Prince Radu a guided tour of the French Institute, during which she also showed them an exhibition with archive documents about Romania. Among them there was also a copy of L'Image magazine from August 1919, an edition dedicated to Romania, with a picture of Queen Maria on the cover. The exhibition, admired by the Custodian of the Crown, was made with the help of a Romanian employee at the French Institute, Carmen Nitescu.

On the same day, Thursday, before going to the French Institute, Prince Radu visited the French Paralympic Committee, where he spoke with the head of this institution, Marie-Amelie Le Fur.