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Official opening of the second season of the Romania-France Season


Attending the official opening of the second season of the Romania-France Season on Thursday evening, France's Ambassador to Romania Michele Ramis said the first part of this project was an "undeniable success" in France, having allowed the public to rediscover Romania.

"This week is exceptional in the history of the French-Romanian relationships. At the Louvre Museum on April 16, there was the conclusion of the first part of the season that for four months offered the French public Romania at its best. We have gathered here today to kick off the part of the season that will be celebrated in Romania, which I have the honour of opening on behalf of the President of the French Republic. (...) The season was undeniably successful in France and allowed the French public to discover or rediscover Romania with different eyes. Today, the second part of the season opens and we hope it will allow the Romanian public to see France with fresh eyes through 200 events in the areas of arts, literature, digital and other matters that will be organised in about 30 cities in Romania," Ramis told the opening of the event hosted by the National Arts Museum of Romania in the presence of Romania's President Klaus Iohannis.

She mentioned that on November 27, 2018, Iohannis inaugurated in Paris, along with President Emmanuel Macron, the France-Romania season. The ambassador said that the series of cultural events is an "opportunity to cultivate common ground," and that it must allow for the renewal of the foundations of this co-operation.

"It is about overcoming the stereotypes that are still marking our mutual perception, and encouraging the full potential of our relationship. We must convey to this younger generation this shared heritage and this shared vision of our future, fuelled by the conviction that our destiny is closely linked to that of Europe, a strong and democratic Europe, a Europe of solidarity that protects and is capable of defending its models," she said.

Ramis noted that the season overlaps the period of time in which Romania holds the presidency of the EU Council and added that France welcomes Romania's commitment to "making this opportunity a success in the face of major challenges facing Europe. "

"The [informal EU] summit in Sibiu, which contributes to the shaping up of the next EU strategic agenda, will be an important step in the revival of the European Union, which the President of the French Republic wants," she said.

Ramis thanked Iohannis for having reiterated in a speech Romania's solidarity with France, following a raging fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, and also all Romanians.

"Unfortunately, this week was marked by a tragedy in the French heritage. Two days ago, a terrible fire broke out at the Notre-Dame Cathedral, devastating this symbol of France and this masterpiece of world heritage, affecting each of us. In the face of this disaster, I was very impressed by the many gestures of solidarity coming from all over the world, and I would like to thank you, Mr President, for your words and the message you sent. I would also like to thank all Romanians who have voiced their regrets and their desire to help us. This cathedral is wounded, but not destroyed, and we will rebuild it all together by making use of the greatest talents. The impulse of solidarity that has been created shows us how the cultural treasures are unifying, cohesive vectors," she said.

În turn, President Klaus Iohannis urged the Government to really and concretely invest in culture.

"The Romania-France Season is an excellent proof of the creative potential of Romanian artists, as well as of the Romanian-French cultural dialogue. The Season proves the capacity and will of the Romanian artistic environment to find in European partnerships, mainly in the partnership with our French friends, the fulfillment enjoyed in their time, among others, by Brancusi, Enescu or Cioran. On this occasion, I urge the Government to really and concretely invest in culture and in cultural infrastructure, to come to the aid of Romanian creators," the head of state said in the official opening of the Romania-France Season, which took place at Romania's National Art Museum.

He appreciated the season's special results achieved so far, bringing to mind that last year he inaugurated this season in France alongside his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

"We present our common heritage and the prospects of the privileged cultural relation between our countries, we show the energy of ideas in dialogue, the fruitful power and the vitality of our cultural connections. We celebrate these forces giving sense to life and to the development of humanity. They are those who help us get past history's trials and the hard moments of difficulties in the existence of our common cultural heritage. (...) This project (...) will remain an important landmark for the artistic life and for the cultural institutions in Romania and France. The season prove to be a unique chance to celebrate the common heritage and the history connecting us, as well as to offer a new perspective on the relations between our societies in a transforming Europe. But it is much more than that. The season is the shared expression of the common political values which France and Romania have. It is the expression of the success of our Strategic Partnership and our effort to consolidate the European project, which deeply needs Romania's and the Romanian society's contribution, as a state and society that are fully pro-European in this part of the Union," Iohannis said.

President Iohannis congratulated the artists and curators who participated in the Romania-France season and hailed the French public for the contribution to the success of this project.