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Nicolae Timofti: Moldova’s security in danger. We should have been closer to NATO


President of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, declared that the present conditions placed the security of the Moldova state in danger. Moldova should have been closer to NATO but the people of Moldova wanted good relations with Russia.


Asked in an interview whether a reform of the army should be made, president Timofti declared: “It is very necessary and we are working on it. We are living in a period and conditions which place our security in great danger. In the 1990s we should have decided to collaborate with NATO in peacekeeping actions. In point of military security we should have been closer to NATO if a foreign army had been on our territory and insisted on separatism in Moldova,” Timofti said.


He pointed out that Moldova had never done anything against Russia and did not intend to do it.

“We had good relations with our neighbours, Romania and Ukraine. But the situation created makes us think differently. We have always had good, friendly relations with RUssia. We wanted to preserve and develop these relations as we discussed with Mr Putin,” Timofti added.


I do not see the need to be in confrontations and bad relations with Russia. On the contrary, we only established embargoes, we did nothing bad or bring damages to Russia with our actions,” the president of Moldova said.