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The Romanians represent 17% of the migrants who reached Germany last year

The number of aliens who live in Germany reached a record level at the end of last year, 8.2 million people or 10% of the total population of the first European economy. The Romanians occupy the first place as regards the percentage growth as compared to 2013 (31.9%), the data published by the Federal Office of Statistics (Destatis), says DPA.


Approximately 60% of the newcomers (306,700 people) are from the EU, especially Romania (87,945 people or 17% of the total of newcomers) and Poland (64,297 people). The highest percentage growth was recorded in the case of those coming from Romania (32.9%) and Bulgaria (24.8%). In the case of the Romanians, a number of 355,343 people were recorded at the end of 2014 in the central register of aliens in Germany (AZR) against 674,152 Poles and 574,530 Italians.


The number of immigrants coming from the countries affected by the crisis from South Europe dropped, with an increase of 8.3% of the number of Spanish immigrants, dropping against the growth of 12.7% recorded in 2013, while the number of Greeks and Italians who moved to Germany increased by 3.9% as compared to the growth of 6.1% recorded in 2013 in the case of the Greeks and the increase of 4.4% recorded for the same year in the case of the Italians.


The data refer to those who have no German passport. Besides coming and going, the data take into consideration birth and deaths of the aliens in Germany, while the naturalised people are not included in this register.