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President Iohannis in Kiev: Romania wants to be active factor in finding political solutions to eastern Ukraine crisis


President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that the Minsk package of measures agreed upon in February should be implemented "in full, without delay and unconditionally" and emphasized that Romania backs the further keeping of the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia, "as long as there is no full enforcement of the agreement or if the situation on site continues to deteriorate." 

"During the talks I underscored the importance of the fast and unconditional enforcement of the Minsk package agreed upon on February 12, 2015. The package must be implemented in full, without delay and unconditionally. Romania favors the maintaining of the EU sanctions regime against the Russian Federation, as long as the agreement is not implemented in full, or if the situation on site continues to deteriorate," said the Romanian head of state in Kiev, after the meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko. 

Iohannis stressed that staying on course with reforms is "the best message on Ukraine's commitment on the European path." 

"In the EU member states, Ukraine has found firm partners that are loyal to the principles of the international treaties which have been violated by the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. Maintaining the course of reforms is the best message on Ukraine's commitment on the European path. To Ukraine, the Association Agreement represents an effective tool whose implementation ensures the alignment, to a large extent, to the acquis communautaire, thus leading to the concrete rapprochement to the EU," said President Iohannis. 

The head of the Romanian state believes that the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga should outline an ambitious, strategic vision of the EU towards the Eastern Neighborhood states. 

"Starting from a flexible approach on a medium and long-term, the EU should take into account the European aspirations of the partner countries and the principles of differentiation and own-merit evaluation," said Iohannis. 

President Klaus Iohannis underlined that Romania firmly supports Ukraine's rapprochement with the European Union. 

"Through my presence in Kiev I wanted to reaffirm the resolve to deepen our relations, and Romania's firm support for Ukraine's rapprochement with the European Union. Both Mr. President Poroshenko and myself appreciated the Romanian-Ukrainian cooperation as a solid one. Romania wants to be a partner to Ukraine and share its experience and expertise acquired during the process of preparation of its accession to the European Union and NATO," Iohannis said in Kiev after the meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. 

He mentioned that talks with his Ukrainian counterpart focused on the continuation of domestic reform, particularly by strengthening democracy and the rule of law. 

"In this approach we start from a shared commitment, a good neighborly relationship and the existence of a safe and prosperous region. Such an evolution benefits the citizens of Ukraine and the entire region, strengthening stability in this part of Europe. We consider that when political determination is doubled by a real and sincere concern for a good and transparent information of our citizens, challenges can become opportunities," added the Romanian head of state. 

He reiterated Romania's support for Ukraine's sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity. 

"Such support is evident not only as far as authorities are concerned, but also at the level of the Romanian society and of the public opinion. Romania's taking up the role of leader of the NATO trust fund for the combat of cyber threats is just one example in this respect," said Klaus Iohannis. 

President Klaus Iohannis is paying this Tuesday an official visit to Ukraine.