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Romania imported on Friday morning very big quantities of energy,over 1,800 MW


Romania imported on Friday morning big quantities of electricity, over 1,800 MW in the context where the price of import electricity was lower than that of domestic market, according to the data posted on the site of Transelectrica and OPCOM.

The biggest imports were made around10:00 with quantities of 1,827MW.

At 12:00 the import was1,626MW. The consumption of the country was 8,440 MW and the production 6,814 MW.

The first in the top of sources  are hydrocarbs which ensured 24% of the production at 12:00. There follows coal  with 20%,nuclear -19%, hydro -18%,wind0 8%,photovoltaic -7%,biomass – 0.8%.

On the other hand,in the region,Romania is the country with the highest prices and usually electricity flows from the cheap markets to the expensive ones.

For  energy with delivery on Friday the price in Romania and Hungary is 80,20 euro per MWh. In Slovakia the price is 65,86 euro per MWh and in the Czech Republic is 63,66 euro  pe MWh. Romania is coupled at the level of the spot market with these three countries.