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The European Commission stated that 141.48 million euro were illegally spent in the companies under the supervision of MTI


The companies under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) spent 141.48 million euro without observing the legislation or unjustified, according to the audit report which focused on the period of 2009 -April 2012.


The Minister of Transport Ovidiu Ioan Silaghy presented on Friday in a press conference held in Satu Mare, a part of the results of the audit, saying that some aspects connected to the use of European funds are to be checked by the European Office for Antifraud Fight, a MTI press release says."As a whole, the European Commission requested corrections of 141.48 million euro, money spent which should be supported from the state budget, on non'eligible expenditure or unjustified payments. The companies under the supervision of the ministry of transport and infrastructure spent hundreds of million euro without observing the legislation or unjustified, a report shows the audit commission results", according to the quoted source.

The National Company of Railway "CFR" SA, was found by the Accounts Court to have prejudiced the public heritage of the state with the sum of 42.5 million lei ( 9.4 million euro) by the forced execution of 101.5 km railway in favour of some private economic operators.

At the same time, the Department for AntiFraud Fight (DLAF) remarked breaches of the legal provisions for the attribution of works worth over 52 million euro, fact which could lead to the application of financial corrections worth 100%, respectively to support these sums out of the state budget, according to the quoted source.

To rehabilitate the railway Bucuresti - Constanta there were delays of over 2 years and supplements of the contracting values of total sum of 451 million lei ( 110 million euro).

"The Controlling Corpse of MTI said that, in the development of ISPA 2000/16/P/PT/001/03/02 signed by CNCF CFR SA for the rehabilitation for the BAneasa - Fetesti section, the payment of the sum of 5.6 million lei ( 1.3 million euro) was made with the breach of provisions of the memorandum for the financing and of the contract, so that the sum was declared non-eligible and, as a consequence, was supported from the state budget" the press release says.

Moreover, the poor supervision of the contract "The rehabilitation of the railwaz Bucuresti -Constanta, Baneasa - Fundulea, the 2nd lot" generated a fight in which CNCFR was made to paz 38.2 million lei ( 8.5 million euro).

As regards, the National Companz for Highwazs and National Roads in Romania (CNADNR) as a result of the check of the legality of use and refund of the funds coming from foreign credits, the ) and CNADNR for the financing of the project for the rehabilitation of the roads, the fifth stage, the cost of the project was increased with the total sum of 138.1 million lei ( 36.6 million euro) by the inclusion of non-eligible expenses, taxes and tariffs,supported from co-financing.

At the same time, there were made payments of 11.04 million lei ( 2.5 million euro) without the observance of contractual provisions and as a consequence, they are supported from the state budget.

For the agreement for loan between the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BIRD) and Romania for the financing of the project for the restructuring of transports, the sum of 225 million lei ( 50 million euro) of the total value of the project 198.37 million euro) was annulled due to the management and the inefficient use of the funds, as there were illegal payments of 5.1 million lei( 1.1 million euro) and unjustified of 3 million lei ( 668.645 euro)for consultancy services.

For the lending agreement BEI 22.417 for the financing of the project for the construction of the highway Arad -Timisoara and the bypass for Arad there were illegal payments in the total sum of 6.04 million lei ( 1.3 million euro) without justifiable documents which could prove the delivery of the goods or the achievement of the services and the works; payment was accepted for supplementary works worth 109.2 million lei ( 24.2 million euro) without documents with the diminution of the income of the state budget with the sum of 9.5 million lei ( 2.1 million euro>) as there were no penalties applied in the case of delay in works.

As a result, CNADNR SA offered contracts for judicial consultancy worth 57.3 million lei ( 12.7 million euro).

The sum of 6.39 million lei ( 1.4 million euro) was paid for activities connected to the exproprietion of the houses on the site of Autostrada Bucuresti - Constanta as on 31 December 2011 were not finished, the press release says.

According to the checking, "Informational system for the emission, management, monitorisation and control of the rovignet" worth 34.2 million lei ( 7.6 million euro) was attributed with the breach of the legal provisions specified according to the public procurement.

The ministry says that, according to the project the Audit Report no.2011/RO/REGIO/J2/995/1, the European Commission supported financial corrections for several projects, namely the construction of the Orastie-Sibiu highway ( correction 428.9 million lei), the Nadlac -Arad highway ( 168.8 million lei), the rehabilitation DN 24 and DN 24B ( 39.9 million lei) .The total of corrections is 636.69 million lei ( 141.48 million euro).