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About 4,000 people in Victoria Square for the tenth day in a row


About 4,000 people, according to some sources, have gathered for the tenth day in a row in Victoria Square to protest against the Government.

Demonstrators have placards reading: "If you sleep, #ueikap,'' ''I #resist,'' "You have majority in Parliament, we have the majority of the country," "You thieves, defendants, we awake Romanians," "Another government, another question," "For treason, other cases," "Poor you, we are not sheep," "Another question: doesn't stupidity hurt you?," "Romania, I'm proud of you," "We are not paying you to steal unpunished."

Protesters are whistling, beating drums, blowing vuvuzelas and chanting: "Day by day, we'll be here," "DNA should come and take you," "Thieves!."

Same as in the previous evenings, those present were offered tea, fruit and bagels.

Protesters have simultaneously lit their mobile phone screens, lighters and flashlights.

Traffic was closed on Kiseleff Road on both ways. 

...and 400 people în front of Cotroceni Palace

The protesters at Cotroceni Palace have left, with about 100 persons being on the street around 20:30. About 400 persons protested on Thursday in front of Cotroceni Palace.

People chanted slogans against President Klaus Iohannis.

The protesters' placards displayed messages, such as: "Get out country traitor," "What are we to pay the ECHR fine with? We'll be giving private lessons," "Iohannis — suspended," "Iohannis — only six are lucky," " Iohannis resign, I'm not your Romanian. Bad luck!."

This is the 5th day in a row when protesters demonstrated outside the Cotroceni Palace.



Friday, February 10, 2017