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Adrian Tutuianu, SRI Commission president: I asked SRI to check information on companies involved in protests

Adrian Tutuianu, the president of the parliamentary control commission on SRI's (Romanian Intelligence Service) activity, pointed out on Thursday that he asked the Service to check information on the involvement of foreign and Romanian company leaders in protests, aspects concerning national security.

He showed that there were talks in the SRI Commission about possible reactions of companies towards the implementation of a European directive and the government’s intentions to make legislative amendments concerning the lowest salary in economy.

“We were assured that we would be informed about all things concerning national security by SRI. If there are elements or activities that concern national security, it is the job of SRI,” Tutuianu said.

He also showed that the presence of the manager of a multinational company in litigation with the Romanian state, with citizens at a demonstration was “certainly unfit”.



Friday, February 10, 2017