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Mihai Chirica, PSD vicepresident, after Iordache’s resignation: I pity my colleague Grindeanu

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) vicepresident, Mihai Chirica, does not see Florin Iordache’s resignation as a reason of joy and considers that premier Grindeanu will have to make a chess mate movement to prove that the party promotes the fight against corruption.

The leader of PSD Iasi declared on Thursday that he pitied his “colleague Grindeanu” who, after the resignation of the justice minister Iordache, will be faced with the most difficult moment, “that when the premier will have to choose a new minister for the vacant portfolio, proving to the whole world that PSD promotes anticorruption, that it promotes draft laws by which we protect no one, we just have a draft law according to legal principles.”

Asked whether he considered it was a resignation or a demotion in Florin Iordache’s case, Chirica answered that it was a resignation, according to the information he had.

Asked whether Iordache’s resignation could be considered a victory of the street, Chirica said it was “this country’s victory”.

“I think that if it is a victory, then it is a victory of the country, not of the street. It is this country’s victory showing everybody that Romania is and can remain a symbol of the fight against excesses which can be present both in the governing act and in the other decisions which are public. It is an example of what it means to fight against corruption, it is a thing which must be followed”said the PSD Iasi leader.



Friday, February 10, 2017