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BRD general manager: What we see now are democratic manifestations, not political instability


Protests in Victoria Square are democratic demonstrations and not political instability, said Francois Bloch, the new general manager of BRD Societe generale bank. He said that it is hard to separate a natural person from the representative of a corporation, referring to Steven van Groningen, the head of Raiffeisen Bank, present in Victoria Square, next to protesters.

Francois Bloch said that : what we see now are democratic manifestations and we are not talking about political instability.”

“Political and economic stability is important for our customers to prepare the investment plan,” the general manager of BRD said.

We remind the fact that the presence of the president of Raiffeisen Bank Romania, Steven van Groningen in Victoria Square dissatisfied Liviu Dragnea, who criticised the fact that managers of multinational companies, like the president of a foreign bank, were part of the demonstration.

Groningen wrote on his Facebook account that his presence at protests in Victoria Square was a personal decision and before being the president of a bank he was a father and cared about the future of his children and of the country where he lived.



Friday, February 10, 2017