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Analysis: USD holds absolute majority in the joint plenum and Chamber of Deputies


Parties that make up the Social Democratic Union (USD) – Social Democrat (PSD), the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) and the Conservativ party (PC), hold at this moment the absolute majority in the joint Parliament plenum and next to the minority group benefit from absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies.


To have absolute majority in Senate, USD needs the vote of two more senators. The PSD group on the Chamber of Deputies, which also includes UNPR deputies, cumulates 171 deputies.The PC group in the Chamber of Deputies has 18 deputies, while the national minorities’ group cumulates 17 deputies.


Therefore, the joint PSD-UNPR-PC and minorities groups in the Chamber have 206 deputies.

At the moment there are 405 deputies, so the absolute majority in the Chamber is of 203 deputies, which means that USD holds absolute majority.


In the Senate, the PSD group has 76 senators, while the PC group has 8 senators. The joint PSD-UNPR-PC groups in Senate cumulate 84 senators.At the moment there are 171 senators, so the absolute majority is 86.Consequently, USD needs two more senators to reach the number of votes ensuring absolute majority in Senate.


At the moment there are 576 MPs in Parliament and the absolute majority in the joint chambers is 289.

In the joint plenum, USD has 290 MPs, therefore absolute majority.In case USD forms a coalition with UDMR, with 18 deputies and 8 senators, it will have absolute majority in the joint plenum and in the two chambers.


The Social Democrat (PSD) Executive President Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday the USD can provide the governing act in the absence of the National Liberal Party (PNL), arithmetically speaking. 'We do not want to exclude the PNL, but to answer your question I can say that strictly arithmetically speaking, the answer is yes. We do not wish to get to that point', said Dragnea, after attending the Bucharest Romanian Business Leaders Summit.

When asked if he thinks the Liberals want to break up the USL at this moment, the PSD senior leader said: 'I should hope not. If they want to do it, let them do it quicker. Days are passing by and there are important decisions to be made. This government must start functioning as it had been functioning very well until a few days ago'd.