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Certification system for food without potentially harmful or controversial additives, launched in Romania

A certification system for food without potentially harmful or controversial additives was launched in Romania on Wednesday, as surveys showed an increased need for consumers to be clearly and transparently informed about additive content.

CEFF Romania launched Certified E-Friendly Food logo, which is registered in the European Union and certifies that the foods it is affixed to do not contain potentially harmful or controversial preservers, artificial colours, sweeteners and glutamates, according expert studies.

The Certified E-Friendly logo comes to the aid of consumers with difficulties in interpreting the ingredient lists and mostly in recognising the content of food additives in the products on the shelf or the customers spending too much time at the rack to identify additive content. The CEFF logo on the product package certifies they do not contain any additive of a list of 70 substances grouped in preservers, artificial colours, sweeteners and glutamates making the object of some controversies among experts, although accepted by the European Union.

To obtain the CEFF, producers have to undergo strict evaluation that includes verification of the ingredients on the list and the additive content, conformity documents, data sheets and others. The tests are coordinated and supervised with the help of the Institute of Research and Development for Food Bio-Resources.