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Angela Cristea: over the last years, I saw a different understanding of the concept of solidarity from state to state in the EU


The head of the European Commission Office in Romania, Angela Cristea ,stated on Monday that she saw over the last years, a different understanding from state to state of the concept of solidarity in the EU, as this idea is the fundamental value of the union.

She mentioned that Pope Francis considers solidarity as the best antidote against populism.

‘Here is a fundamental value which is at the basis of the EU but there was a different approach of the concept of solidarity from state to state. Solidarity which has been desired many times – or that was the expectation – unilateral – solidarity to one another – but solidarity is a double-way road. (…) The reaction of the less developed countries of the EU was not welcomed – who had benefited and benefit from financial solidarity from the more developed countries – when they were required to be together in the managing of the migrants crisis. Here is another value which we all agree with, but when we start to discuss, we see that there are important differences between the different positions taken’ Cristea stated, in a conference organised at the headquarters of the ministry of foreign affairs.

According to her, the member states,the nations, the citizens have to ask themselves not only they expect from the EU but what the Union expects from them, what could they offer the EU.

Angela Cristea said that, now, the European Union ‘ is not strong enough’ and the statements of the European officials regarding the unity and its strength show that the EU has some vulnerabilities.