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The premier of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip, at the reunion of the heads of government of the GUAM group states


The premier of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip participated on Monday to the reunion of the heads of government of the member states of the Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development (GUAM) which took place for the first time in Kiev, Ukraine, informs Radio Kishinev.

In the press conference, which took place after the first round of discussions, the participants to the reunion showed the necessity of strengthening multilateral cooperation with a view to consolidating the democracy, the economic development and security in the region, announces the press service of the government in Kishinev.

Similarly, the officials discussed the regulation of existing conflicts on the territory of the GUAM member states, conflicts which have to solutioned by diplomatic means, with the observance of sovereignity and territorial integrity of the states and the international law norms.

During the summet, two protocols were signed regarding the actions for the creation of the Free exchange zone and regarding the customs procedures between the four states.

The parties had a exchange of opinions with regards to the partnership with the US and Japan as well as with reference to collaboration with other regional organisations such as Group in Vishegrad.

GUAM is a regional initiative and its name comes from the initials of the founding states: Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaidjan and the Republic of Moldova. Initially, among the member states there was Uzbekistan as well and the organisation was called GUUAM. The creation of the consultative forum of 4 states took place on 10 October 1997 in Strasbourg during the summit of the European Council.