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Anti-abortion march countrywide


Thousands people attended the “pro-life March” in several cities in Romania, Bucharest, Alba Iulia, Timisoara, Iasi, Ploiesti or Sibiu.

In Bucharest there were over 4,000 people joining the march, including Orthodox priests, took to the streets in an antiabortion rally.

Members of antiabortion groups, marching from a park in southern Bucharest, shouted slogans such as "Life!" and carried banners reading “Women deserve better than abortion."

Abortion was banned in Romania during the communist regime of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who was killed in 1989 after a popular rebellion.

Abortion was legalized in 1990, with as many as 992,000 registered that year -- three times the number of births recorded.

Romania still has one of the highest abortion rates within Europe.

The ProVita Humanitarian Foundation estimates that about 210 abortions are carried out every day in Romania.

Abortions in Romania are legal through the first 14 weeks of a pregnancy.