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IRES survy: More than two thirds of Romanians over 18 years consider they live in a rather unjust world


More than two thirds of Romanians over 18 years consider they live in a rather unjust, inequitable world, reveals a study carried out by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy (IRES). 

Entitled "Through the eyes of victims. Social representations of social justice in Romania", the study was presented on Friday by sociologist Vasile Dincu, within the conference "Current perspectives on social justice. Concepts, theories and contemporary practices," organized by the University of Bucharest. 

According to the study, 67 pct of interviewees believe that the Romanian society is rather unjust, while only 26 pct say that it is rather fair. The perception that society is unjust is stronger among women and people over the age of 35 and is associated with a higher share of people dissatisfied with their social and economic situation. 

The Romanians also have the perception of a world where injustice and inequalities will increase in future years, 44 pct of subjects responding affirmative to the question on the evolution of inequality in the future, while 29 pct think it will remain the same and 19 pct that they will fall. 

Almost half of Romanians believe that luck and chance are the most important actors of success, most of Romanian blaming society or fate because people are poor and only one in five citizens believe that merit and talent is the factor that makes the difference. 

The study found that intolerance is quite high, over three quarters of Romanian considering that most people are trying to take advantage of others. 

The study also highlights that "Romanians are losing their trust in institutions, even if they expect the state to come to their rescue, and they are also losing their trust in other Romanians."