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Long-term strategy for Romania prepared by Romanian Academy


The Romanian Academy has prepared a long-term strategy for Romania, seeking across-the-aisle political consensus thereupon, president of the Academy Ionel Vlad said on Friday. 

"At your question: 'Europe where to?', I could answer with an assertion - 'Western Europe knows where it's headed to'. We know, but it does not suffice to know that ten years ago we signed an Accession Treaty (...) that has changed its content throughout this time. (...) At the Romanian Academy we are working on a long-term strategy and at this moment we completed this important work. (...) Since this is a long-term strategy, it spans four or five election cycles and automatically it outgrows the political sphere, the more so as Academy does not do politics. If you want, this is the result of the experience of researchers, of scientific work which is important, of course, and which looks at what happened 10 years ago and kindles new hope," Ionel Vlad told the debate "Europe where to?", moderated by MEPs Norica Nicolai and Mircea Diaconu. 

He mentioned that back in 2000 Academician Tudorel Postolache was the coordinator of a long-term strategy for Romania that had all domestic political forces committing to it, and highlighting the importance of political consensus. 

"So there was this extremely important consensus. It wasn't perfect, now we know, not just because of our governments and our internal policy, but also because (...) many things have changed. There are international documents that change the milestones, that raise other and other obstacles to things that seemed natural at a certain point. I don't know if the Schengen Area will go on in this form," said the Academician. 

He pointed out that the updated strategy about Romania's future includes 13 projects that are available for consultation on the website of Romanian Academy, and summed up by stating that this should become Romania's post-accession strategy.