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INACO : Romanian entrepreneurs should go to foreign markets

Romanian entrepreneurs should try to go to foreign markets and, to help them, a strong governmental and private lobbying for Romania should be made, reads a release of the Initiative for Competitiveness (INACO), sent on Thursday.

"In the year of the Great Union, we are exporting timber, grain, wine, honey and oil. Today we are selling abroad cars, electrotechnical and agri-food products, textiles and leather. Romania's export offer has changed over the last century, but something else has changed too. In the ranking of top 100 exporting companies only seven have Romanian majority capital and only five companies have Romanian entire capital. Therefore, in addition to the imbalanced trade, which, according to official data for the first 11 months of 2017 is worth 11.35 billion euros, by 2.57 billion euros more compared to 2016), there is also an obvious imbalance in the share of Romanian businesses in exports," according to the press release.

"We believe that the time has come for an attempt of Romanian entrepreneurship to go to foreign markets. In the business environment, this tendency is becoming a necessity in the context of reaching the financial limits of the businesses in Romania. The new tax regulations and provisions that start shaking companies in Romania at the beginning of 2010 should also be considered. In this context, a significant number of Romanian companies from different fields of activity want to try "crossing the border" with their products or services, to expand their business on regulated markets for decades," according to the quoted source.

In this respect, the actions of the Romanian state, which should also be extremely interested in the "foreign currency import" from foreign markets that would be so useful to it, should be oriented towards supporting and capitalizing on the opportunities for the expansion of Romanian businesses on foreign markets and to stimulate Romanian investments abroad.

"What do we think that should be done? It is very simple. Lobbying for Romania, smartly strategically and tactically programmed for long periods of time, on strategic economic areas. Governmental and private, political and civic lobbying, made for Romanian businesses capable of internationalization, which will have to be administratively and fiscally supported, which will have to be technically and financially supported by all the institutions of the Romanian state, for the benefit of all, of the national interest," reads the press release.