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Individuals may buy farmland if they have worked in agriculture, at least 5 years (draft law)


Individuals will be allowed to buy farmland situated out of the city limits, only if they have worked in agriculture at least five years or prove they have agricultural knowledge, stipulates the daft law on purchase of farmland out of the city bounds, by individuals.

Lessees willing to buy farmland out of the city limits, must get the right to lease the land, by a leasing agreement concluded for at least 5 years, for the land on sale, and be registered in compliance with Art.1838 of the New Civil Code.

The individuals who buy farmland having irrigation infrastructure, or land reclamation works on it, they are legally bound to keep it, at least in the same state as they bought it, the National Authority for Land Reclamation assent reads.

An individual may not own more than 100 hectares of farmland out of city bounds.

The draft law says that the farmland out of the city limits can be sold only if the individual co-owners, the neighbors, the lease-holders not elder than 40, farming land in the locality where the farmland on sale is situated, as well as the Romanian State are observed the right to preemption, at the same price and in similar terms, in the order the law stipulates.

The sale announcement will be posted at the city-hall, no later than 90 days after it is registered.

Likewise, the draft law stipulates the foundation of the Regulatory Authority for Financial Market Management that is to mange the whole purchase process of such farmland.
The law will apply only to individuals who are citizens of Romania or another member state of the European Union, as well as stateless persons with a domicile in Romania or any other EU member state.

Citizens of a third state or stateless persons residing in a third country will be allowed to buy such farmland under the terms regulated through international treaties, on a reciprocal basis.

The farmlands out of the city limits, situated 10 km far from Romania's borders may be sold only with the assent of the Ministry of National Defence.
Farmland out of the city bounds, where archeological patrimony areas are established or areas with accidentally discovered archeological potential can be sold only with the approval of the Ministry of Culture. The farmland situated out of the city limits, whereupon it has been set up an Organization of Water Users for Irrigations, or a Federation of Land Reclamation Organization, or an Organization of Desiccation or Draining may be sold only with the assent of the General Assembly of the members of these organizations, and of the owner of the land reclamation infrastructure.