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Susan Garro: American investors in Romania have difficulty connected to bureaucracy, road infrastructure and health


Economic Counselor of the US Embassy in Bucharest Susan Garro said on Thursday, in Ploiesti (southern Romania), that American investors had some difficulty connected to the bureaucracy in Romania, but also to the road infrastructure or health, but added that they were satisfied with the quality of the labour force here.

'The difficulties encountered by the companies here [Prahova County] and in other regions of Romania are the same difficulties Romanian companies encounter. A better road infrastructure is needed for them to be able to carry their products on the market. The health infrastructure is not always so powerful as it should be and they often have to face much bureaucracy,' said the official of the US Embassy after a meeting with the representatives of the American companies that have invested in Prahova County.

As for the health infrastructure, Prefect of Prahova County Marius Sersea, who attended the meeting, explained that the representatives of the company Procter&Gamble, which invested in the industrial park at Urlati, pointed out such difficulties.

The hospital in this town was on the list of the hospitals that were closed down through a Government resolution. About one year ago the hospital was opened again, but it does not work yet. The Prefect said that at present they were expecting the approvals from the Ministry of Finance.

On the other hand, Economic Counselor of the US Embassy in Bucharest Susan Garro made it clear that the American investors were satisfied with the quality of the labour force in Romania and in this context added that a company producing subassemblies for the aircraft industry, which is headquartered in an industrial park near Ploiesti, sends Romanian experts to the United States to train the employees of the parent company.

According to president of the Prahova County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aurelian Gogulescu, there are 2,340 companies running foreign and mixed capital that work in Prahova County, 92 of them running American capital.