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Message from Rex Tillerson, secretary of State nominee and James Mattis, secretary of Defence nominee about anticorruption fight and rule of law in Romania

Rex Tillerson, nominated for Secretary of State in Trump administration and general James Mattis, nominated for Secretary of Defence, sent powerful support messages for the anti-corruption fight in Romania at hearings in the US Congress held on January 12, during the so-called for the record questions.

HotNews.ro obtained the answers of the two officials to written questions addressed by democratic senators about problems in Romania. Among other things, they were asked whether they accepted that anti-corruption and the rule of law should continue to “underpin our relationships” and a high priority of the Romanian government.

Here is Rex Tillerson’s answer sent to Democratic senator Ben Cardin: “Romania is an important ally, and I fully agree that anti-corruption and rule of law should continue to underpin our relationship. I look forward to working with the Romanian government on these issues if confirmed.”

James Mattis sent the following answer to a question asked by senator John McCain: “Yes. Romania’s anti-corruption and rule of law efforts have been strong, even to an excellent extent that it is a regional leader in this regard. Nevertheless, threats to progress continue and reform must remain a priority”.

Asked whether the US mission from Mihail Kogalniceanu American base would continue, considering Romania’s contributions in Iraq and Afghanistan, Tillerson said he acknowledged Romania’s valuable contribution to joint security and the important role played by Mihail Kogalniceanu air base.

Asked if the US would maintain their stand about the role of Deveselu missile defence site, Rex Tillerson showed that Iran represented a serious threat to the security of the US and its European allies. Having adequate defence missiles is vital and Tillerson appreciates the role of host played by Romania for Aegis Ashore defence missiles. In case he was confirmed Tillerson said he would continue to support the American engagement of having adequate defence missiles to defend Romania and the other NATO allies.

The two nominees will be confirmed this week.