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Traian Basescu sues Igor Dodon at the Supreme Court of Justice


Traian Basescu sues the president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, because he withdrew his citizenship in an “arbitrary way”, the former president’s lawyer Andrei Bivol told Mediafax on Thursday.

Today we submitted a request with the Supreme Court of Justice, as the law of citizenship in Moldova stipulates. We consider Traian Basescu’s citizenship was withdrawn in an arbitrary way and the decision is against the principles and procedures provided by the law of citizenship and the European Convention on citizenship,” said Andrei Bivol.

Basescu’s lawyer added that such an action has not been made in Moldova before.

It is practically a pioneer case, a first in this field and there are no cases contesting a decree of withdrawn citizenship. There have been cases which contest the refusal of granting Moldova citizenship to foreign nationals, but in those cases the defendant was not the president. In our case we are in the circumstance of cancelling a presidential decree withdrawing citizenship already issued. The law stipulates the case can be attacked at the Supreme Court of Justice,” Andrei Bivol said.

Moldova’s president Igor Dodon signed, in early January, a decree by which the citizenship of Moldova, obtained a few months before, to the former president of Moldova, Traian Basescu.